Testing Your Online Store on Different Browsers

Testing your eCommerce website on ALL major browsers is absolutely necessary before launching.

Several times we have come across online stores that display poorly when using Internet Explorer  while they display properly on Firefox. This is due to lousy development skills or lack of interest from the designer.

At Trepoly, we make sure every store we develop can display AND perform properly on all major browsers. We may design an online store with a specific target browser or operating system but always make sure it can be viewed and used on other browsers and operating systems.

Things to keep in mind when running a cross-check browser compatibility:

  • Overall layout
  • Font size
  • Hover buttons and interactivity
  • Animations
  • Link behavior
  • Scroll and swipe actions

Your online store could even break in between same browser versions! So make sure you hire a competent eCommerce Design Company.



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