eMail Marketing Services

eMail Marketing remains as the #1 tool to reach your customers. Building and maintaining a healthy email list of your customers becomes a gold mine as you grow and promote your online store.


Email Marketing Design

We work with you to design each campaign to market specific content and seasonal promotions. We will code your email marketing pieces from scratch using HTML and In-line CSS. Each email piece will be optimized for desktop and mobile viewing. Both, plain text and HTML versions will be created for you.



Email Marketing Testing

Not all email clients and platforms display content in the same way. That’s why we test every email marketing campaign on Desktop and Mobile devices including different operating systems and the most popular browsers.



Email Marketing Deployment

Your email marketing campaigns will be delivered according to your specifications. Different campaigns may have different target times and we can work with you to help you segment your lists for even better targeted campaigns.

“All your email marketing campaigns delivered On Time, Every Time!”

-Today’s Marketer.

Facts about eMail Marketing:

eMail Marketing offers the best Return On Investment:
Conservative results gauge email marketing ROI at about $42 per dollar spent . Email marketing remains the #1 tool for online marketers. Some studies boost it’s ROI to about $130 per dollar spent when in-store purchases are accounted for.

eMail Marketing can boost your SEO:
We know a few tricks to help your Search Engine Rankings using email marketing.

An email piece delivered today can still drive a sale months later:
Some people actually save the emails we design, click on them months later AND convert a sale. We know this because we’ve seen the reports.

Your Open Rates are actually higher than you think:
Most tracking software can only track and log an open email when the end-user opens your email on HTML mode, meaning that your open rate does not account for those user who viewed your email in plain-text mode.