Click-through Optimization

clickThrough-optimizationThere’s a lot of thought that goes into the user experience and navigation flow through a website. One of the most important aspects of an effective website user experience or UX is click-through optimization.

Having an easy to navigate website greatly increases the chance of a visitor to your store converting into a purchasing customer. Sometimes, a visitor will leave a site if he or she gets frustrated with trying to find what they’re looking for. Other times, a customer will get all the way to the end of the transaction process, about to check out and then decide to not purchase or will simply get distracted and navigate away from the page never to return.

This is where website click-through optimization comes in. Website click-through optimization helps ensure that when a customer has made his or her selections from an online store and is ready to check-out, there are very few or no opportunities to have your customer leave the page without making a purchase. Such optimizations may include removing distracting elements from the Checkout funnel and by “distracting” we mean any links or elements that may divert the attention of your visitor from reaching the Order Confirmation page.

Jacob Ryan
Jacob joined Trepoly in mid 2015 bringing his design and programming experience to help manage the teams and projects. His immersion in Bigcommerce programming has helped him understand the capabilities of the platform and help our teams design and build better online stores for our clients.