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Website Speed Optimization

Jacob Ryan
Over the last decade or so, consumers now have access to much faster download speeds. Despite this, every byte downloaded counts. Even with faster download speeds, customers have even more waned patience and dwindling attention spans. Did your website take too long...
BigCommerce - Site-wide HTTPS image

Is your BigCommerce Store Ready for Site-Wide SSL?

BigCommerce will soon offer “site-wide SSL” secure pages to their customers. What this means is that you will be able to default all your pages in your store to be delivered only over a secure connection, not just only your...

Online Store and Blog Integration

By now, most online retailers have realized the value behind having a Blog. The content driven, keyword richness, linking platform, and traffic generating power behind a Blog can’t be overlooked in today’s online retail industry. But be careful not to...

Benefits of Google Blocking Referrer Keywords

And now, we would like to open this space for those of you who would like to share the benefits of Google blocking the referrer keyword by passing “(not provided)” to the Analytics report. We’ve seen a big controversy on...

SEO Delivered

Every store we design and develop gets fully Optimized for Search Engines before we deliver it to you. Your success is our success so there is no extra charge or extra cost associated with this. A brief summary of how...