BigCommerce Facebook Checkout Banner

Facebook has just announced they are currently testing autofill capabilities on eCommerce websites, meaning that Facebook users will have the ability to autofill Checkout forms in order to complete their orders faster.

This is  great news for online merchants! We can’t imagine there will be any resistance adopting a feature that will reduce so much friction on the conversion process.

We all know most online shoppers drop at the last minute resulting on “abandoned carts”. Facebook checkout will minimize the amount of effort needed to complete an order.

BigCommerce Facebook Checkout

BigCommerce has always been looking for new and innovative ways to integrate Facebook as a sales channel as well as easy sharing and liking of products of its customers’ online stores.

Will BigCommerce jump on this opportunity? We sure hope so, as many BigCommerce customers would like to be able to provide this option to Facebook user and really experience the difference on conversion rates this could provide.

Would you like BigCommerce to implement Facebook Checkout?

Would you even consider an eCommerce Platform which doesn’t support Facebook Checkout once it rolls out?