That’s $276 USD less than regular price!

YES, this has to be the hottest buy for any online business startup out there!

Just this past Wednesday we got the absolute best deal for a client who needed to purchase book keeping software.

Many of you have heard of QuickBooks. QuickBooks can easily integrate with most eCommerce platforms and help you keep your accounts receivable and payable in line.

We called Intuit directly (the makers of QuickBooks) to get some quotes and learn more about the different versions (Pro vs Premier vs Enterprise). We decided QuickBooks Pro was the right version for our client. She also needed Payroll integration which is an add-on service to QuickBooks.

Here is the price breakdown dealing directly with QuickBooks:

  • QuickBooks Pro $$185/user
  • Payroll Integration $295/year

Total Cost BEFORE Savings = $480 USD

A bit steep for a startup. We did more research en ended up going to Sam’s Club (yes, Sam’s Club) and we found an excellent bundle of QuickBooks Pro + Payroll Subscription (1 year subscription) for $259. “What a great deal!” we thought. We coulnd’t be more surprised when we went to checkout and the final prize was… $204 USD! That’s right; even LESS than we expected. We questioned the cashier and he said the price was correct, even when there were no “Sale” tags or anything attached to it. So we departed with a $204 purchase that could have cost us $480 if we hadn’t done some research.

Total Cost AFTER Savings = $204 USD

We strongly encourage any online business looking to purchase QuickBooks to hurry to your local Sam’s Club store and pick a copy of QuickBooks Pro + 1 Year Subscription to Payroll Services for only $204 USD.

Client couldn’t be happier of course, and once again… we were delighted to save money to our client and help her online startup.

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