If you tried to contact us in the last few days using any of our forms on our website, you may have noticed that the contact forms seemed to not be submitting your information. You may had click “Submit” several times hoping it would go through. Well, we actually did receive all those form submissions and replied promptly.

We started receiving multiple submission of the same contact forms, which is what prompted us to check and diagnose the problem.

The problem was on a tracking Javascript that was conflicting with the form submission, thus not giving you a confirmation that we had received your information. We use this script to track how many times the forms get submitted each month.

The good news is that this is now RESOLVED. We never stop receiving your requests, but we understand it may had been frustrating not knowing if the form was submitted.

Hey! Even eCommerce Development and Web Design companies get quirks like this on their sites every now and then! Good thing we caught it soon.

Thank you for your patience and we look forward to continue hearing from you.


-The Team at Trepoly.