trepoly-googleAnalytics In some cases as an online store owner, you might want to know how visitors are interacting with your website. You probably have questions like “Are the visitors clicking on this link?” or “I wonder how many times this PDF is getting downloaded?” and sometimes you may ask “Where in the world are my visitors from?” The answer: Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that online retailers can use to monitor visitor traffic, collect and manage data about site visitors, and can even track visitor interactions. With this information, an online store owner can peruse this data and use it to their advantage, often to reach new customers and keep previous customer coming back. Oh, and the best part? These tools are available for FREE!

With Google Analytics, you can track user behaviors to help optimize your website or online store, which in turn can provide powerful insights that lead to more conversions and profits! One feature that Google Analytics offers is the ability to measure sales and conversions from your online store. With this, you can see real time reports of the sales for the day, week, or month and compare to the previous day, week, or month. Google Analytics provides data about the users who visit your website, how they got there and how they are interacting with your site or online store.

Google Analytics is easy to integrate on any website and more so on Bigcommerce stores. This is a highly recommended tool. Ask us about our Google Analytics Integration next time you talk to us.