At Trepoly we are always excited to learn new technologies and dream into the future of eCommerce.

When Microsoft® announced it’s new HoloLens® project, we could barely keep ourselves from jumping off our chairs and start planning what we could do for our clients with such technology.

Holographic Hololens in Action image
Microsoft® HoloLens® in action digital render

Lifting the “screen real estate” limitation from online shopping will be revolutionary!

One industry that comes to mind immediately is the “Shoe industry”. Online shopping for shoes using a holographic designed interface could catapult sales 1000-fold as such product is often sought after with a 360 degree product imagery online. Just imagine shopping for shoes online using a holographic online store.

We sure welcome the idea of starting to work on Holographic eCommerce Design. Our team must stay on top of this kind of technology and we’ll get our hands on it as soon as it becomes available and make it available to our Clients worldwide.

What are your thoughts on Holographic eCommerce? How do you see it shaping the eCommerce Industry? Or will it? We welcome your comments and ideas on this subject and we look forward to learn what you are expecting from such technology. Will it fly? Will it fail?