An eCommerce Website Management Support Team is created in order to manage and optimize an online store. Since many businesses only have an online presence, and not a physical one, this team is vital for the day-to-day operations and to be able to sell effectively and consistently online.

Having such team enables the business owner to focus on continuing to grow his or her business.

An eCommerce Support Team can save you 90% of your time

Since there are many technical aspects of managing an online store, it is not reasonable or time-efficient for a business owner to take care of learning how to fix a technical glitch or develop new creative imagery for the website. Instead, the business owner is most effective when focusing on business strategy, sales, partnerships and long-term vision for the business.

An eCommerce Support Team consists of a group of skilled individuals who can help manage multiple aspects of an online store. Based on budget, most business owners choose to hire 1, 2 or 3 people for their online store team, with a team of 5 being an ideal robust ecommerce support team. From there, large businesses can then add more people into each skill-set group making the team even larger and more specialized based on their needs.

eCommerce Support Team Responsibilities

At any level, no matter the size of the support team, it's functions remain the same.

  • Catalogue management
  • Promotional setup
  • Web Security
  • Metrics
  • User experience
  • System backups
  • Compliance
  • Optimizations
  • Brand consistency
  • Tech integrations
  • Mitigations

Support Teams by Size

Businesses may add more people into each skill-set group making the team even larger.

eCommerce Manager
Graphic Designer
Front-End Developer
Back-End Developer

Graphic Designer
Front-End Developer

Graphic Designer


"A professional eCommerce Team enables the online store owner to grow his business. Knowing his online store is well maintained by capable hands."

-Daniel Olvera

In conclusion…

When a business starts to grow online and the upkeep and maintenance of the website becomes too time-consuming to justify sacrificing the business owner’s time to do it, then it’s time to look at bringing in an eCommerce Website Support Team. Unlocking all that time for the business owner will bear more growth for the business at an accelerated pace.

Choosing between hiring an in-house team our outsourcing this work can be challenging, but when you realize that your remote team can act just as effectively as an in-house team, the time and budget savings can be game-changing for your online business.