“Cheap may become expensive”. Such a true statement…

For a lot of people “WordPress can do anything” and it is true. By using third-party plug-ins you can convert a WordPress site into almost any kind of website you can imagine. Unfortunately, it will still not rival a dedicated eCommerce platform.

By using WordPress and third-party plug-ins you run the following risks:


  • Installation of hidden or malicious software.
  • Lost compatibility with future WordPress updates.
  • Vulnerabilities.


When you use third-party plugins they are delivered to you without guarantees. It is an “as-is” product that you really don’t know how it operates in the background. For all you know it can contain tracking or key-logging applications running in the background and forwarding all the sensitive data to it’s creator.

WordPress gets updates all the time (and we mean all the time). This is good in some part because they address unstable behaviors or known vulnerabilities to the WordPress platform. Unfortunately for you (and us) plugins sometimes don’t get updated as often and plugins, such as eCommerce plugins may become inoperable after a WordPress update, leaving you waiting for it’s developer to take the time to update the plugin, whenever he/she gets a chance.

Hackers know that hundreds of thousands of people will go the cheap route and use free software (WordPress & plugins) and those businesses are their first target when it comes to online attacks. Cheaper products mean less safety features.

This is why we recommend using a dedicated eCommerce Platform when running a serious eCommerce business.

Dedicated eCommerce Platforms are tested daily for malicious software, some platforms won’t even allow users to upload applications to the server to ensure other clients’ safe environment. Dedicated eCommerce platforms provide tested updates to it’s users sales are not disrupted. Above all, dedicated eCommerce platforms have to be PCI compliant which is a level of security imposed by credit card companies on any online merchant dealing with credit card numbers and personal information.

WordPress may be a great tool for a lot of things but when it comes to running your eCommerce business choose a dedicated eCommerce Platform. We’ll be here to help you develop it when you do.