Customize your BigCommerce Maintenance Mode Page

Hopefully not often you will need to bring your Bigcommerce Store “Down for Maintenance“. In which you case you may  want the ability to customize the look of such page, instead of using the standard Bigcommerce verbiage and design.

Here is how you can do it.


  1. Login to your Bigcommerce store
  2. Go to Setup & Tools / Customize Your Store / Store Settings
  3. Flip the switch to “Down for Maintenance” under “Store Status”
  4. Customize the text inside the box
  5. Click “Save”

The above steps include the most basic customization to your “Down for Maintenance” page.

Bigcommerce Maintenance Mode image

Advanced Customization:

  1. Go to “Design”
  2. Click “Edit HTML/CSS”
  3. Find the “maintenance.html” file under “Layouts”

Inside this file you can customize the “look” of the “Down for Maintenance” page. You can edit the CSS, add background images, edit the Title of the page, and even remove the “Login” button that appears by default. Once you are happy with your customizations simply click “Save”.

BigCommerce Maintenance Mode Advanced image

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I followed all those steps but the screen is still the same. I tried to change the maintenance.html file, the prelaunch.html, the prelaunch.css and a bunch of other items but nothing worked for me. Any idea of what might be happening?


Hello Igor,
We’ll be glad to help.
So you have “Maintenance Mode” turned ON in your Control Panel, you can see the “Down for Maintenance” page in your store’s front-end. But editing maintenance.html file doesn’t reflect any changes in the front-end of your store?


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