Heartbleed Safe Site Seal
Heartbleed Verified Safe Site Seal

Heartbleed Safe Site Seal Box

Heartbleed Verified Safe Site Seal Box

With the recent developments on the Heartbleed vulnerability we went ahead and created the “Heartbleed SAFE Site” and the “Heartbleed Verified SAFE Site” seals. Now more than ever, it is of utmost importance to reassure your online store visitors that their information is safe and secure while browsing and shopping on your site.

Right-Click and Download these seals to your computer and display them prominently on all of your online store or website pages.


Both the “Heartbleed SAFE Site” and the “Heartbleed Verified SAFE Site” seals should only be used and displayed after your site has passed a thorough site scan and found to be trully SAFE, fixed, or unaffected by the Heartbleed vulnerability. Do your homework and do not mislead visitors with these badges on your site without actually checking first.

These seals are FREE TO USE.*

About the Heartbleed Vulnerability

The Heartbleed vulnerability is a bug that affects hundred of thousands of sites across the web. It’s a flaw in a software package called OpenSSL, which has been used to secure bank websites, online stores, and many other websites across the world. It was believed that websites using this method of security would not be susceptible to third-party interception of sensitive data such as passwords, however the Heartbleed bug has proven that this method was not secure and needs to be resolved immediately by those websites using the OpenSSL software package.

*Trepoly, LLC does not warranty the safety of the sites displaying these site seals and is not endorsing them in any way expressed or implicitly. Always apply your best judgement while transacting information with any website on the web.