Would you like to optimize your Checkout page like the Pros?

Here are a few key points we can learn from Walmart’s Checkout page:

  • Remove site Navigation
  • Reinforce the security of this page
  • Give buttons a unique color
  • Minify your Footer
  • Use popups for necessary content


Screenshot of Walmart's Checkout Page


Remove Site Navigation

Once your customer has reached the Checkout Page, you want to funnel them through the Checkout process without being distracted or taking any different path. Removing your site’s navigation ensures that the options provided on the page are very narrow. Every link in the Checkout page is just another way to scape the Checkout process.

Reinforce the Security of this Page

Using the words “Secure Checkout” and a simple “trust seal” such as the well-known Norton badge will help support the idea of security in your customer’s mind. No one will checkout if they have the slightest idea your Checkout page is not secure. You don’t need to go overboard, just a simple text and 1 trust seal will suffice.

Give Buttons a Unique Color

Make sure that the color of your “Continue” buttons are not competing with anything else in this page. The only other element in this page using the “orange” color is the text “Secure Checkout”, this is OK as long as it is not a button or any other icons diverting the eyes of the customer.

Minify Your Footer

Again, every link in your Footer is a scape hatch! Keep them focused on completing the Checkout process by eliminating any links or unnecessary elements in the Footer of this page. Include only those elements that will support the Checkout process such as FAQ’s, Shipping information, and other help related topics. And by “Help” we mean anything that will help the customer Checkout faster.

Use Popups for Necessary Content

If you were to click on the “Get help” link on the Footer of Walmart’s Checkout Page, you would get a nice clean popup with the information you need in order to get help checking out. This popup does not have any kind of navigation, but only text, Here you can include your FAQ’s, Shipping information, Satisfaction Guarantee, etc. Make it a nice, small popup without the option to navigate anywhere else, this includes removing the address bar if possible.

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