Avalara BigCommerce

BigCommerce has announced their partnership with Avalara tax services and starting on October 15th, 2014 all BigCommerce store owners will be able to simply select the State in which they are required to charge sales tax and the system will automatically calculate the correct rates for over 10,000 jurisdictions.

It used to be that you needed to enter your Sales Tax rates by zip code, and even for 1 State, the sales tax rates can vary from zip code to zip code making it extremely difficult to determine the correct Sales Tax for each. Sometimes online store owners ended up charging the highest rate in order to be safe and cover for all other jurisdictions, but this also worked against them, but not any more.

Avalara’s system will integrate directly into your BigCommerce store and allow for an easier-than-ever setup. Rates will also update automatically as Avalara will do all the legwork to keep their data current.

Will this help if the Internet Sales Tax gets executed? You bet!

You won’t have to deal with having to research the Sales Tax rates for every single zip code in the United States, but simply elect “Charge Sales Tax Across the entire United States” and bam! You got it.