Troubles contacting BigCommerce Support?

If you are struggling to contact BigCommerce Support from outside the United States, we can help.

Lately we’ve noticed some BigCommerce merchants have been trying to get some technical issued resolved but are unable to contact BigCommerce support. Either by Phone or by Chat. And this could be due to multiple reasons such as long distance phone numbers, current unavailability, language barrier, etc.

Although we cannot access your account and fix it for you, we would like to offer a helping hand by allowing you to submit your technical requests to us and we will bridge the gap between you and BigCommerce.

What we need from you in order to reach out to BigCommerce and look into it for you is:

  1. Store Owner’s name
  2. Store’s URL
  3. Store’s Support PIN

Examples of Support we can help with include...

  • Troubleshoot nonworking SSL Certificates
  • Your online store is down
  • Your Domain is not resolving to your store
  • etc

How to Get Support?

Please go to our Contact Us page and request support via our contact form. We’ll be glad to review your request and help you get it resolved.

Disclaimer: Please note that if your request is for support with functionalities or customizations we may offer our services to perform the work. However, if your request is for a technical glitch on BigCommerce’s end, we will gladly assist you contacting them on your behalf. We are not BigCommerce Support, we are a BigCommerce Agency Partner with long experience working on BigCommerce stores. You should always try to contact BigCommerce Support directly first. When you sign up to any of our eCommerce Website Management Plans we take care of things like this every time.