When inspiration strikes and time is of the essence, launching a functional Subscription-based model eCommerce store in under 24 hours is absolutely doable. Here we will share with you the fast-track to launching your subscription service as quickly as possible.

Let’s face it, it won’t be an award-winning design, but when you have customers lined up to start shopping, getting the store up as soon as possible is crucial.

Customers will be forgiving of the aesthetics, they just want to signup to your subscription service as soon as possible.

Get ready to launch with this step-by-step tutorial

  1. Purchase your domain (GoDaddy recommended)
  2. Set up your hosting (WP Engine recommended)
  3. Setup Wordpress (CMS)
  4. Select a base theme
  5. Setup WooCommerce (Plugin)
  6. Setup WooCommerce Subscriptions (Plugin)
  7. Create and set your subscription products
  8. Integrate your payment gateway (Square recommended)
  9. Run a couple test orders
  10. Launch your store

When we did this setup for LIFE Probiotics they were starting out with 4 simple products, from which 2 of them were Subscription products.

Setting basic product options for the subscription products such as Price, Product Image, and Product Variations is pretty simple using WooCommerce.

Use the power of “Duplicate Product” and shave some crucial time not having to configure everything from scratch for your second subscription product.

Mark the Subscription products as “Virtual” if you want to bypass the Cart page and send your customers straight to the Checkout page where you want them to convert to paying customers.

Integrating Square with your WooCommerce Subscriptions is extremely easy. Just select it from the supported payment options and enter your Square login credentials.

Signing up for Square takes only a few minutes and your account will be up and running immediately.

About LIFE Probiotics

LIFE Probiotics is a subscription-based delivery service in Denver, Colorado. They handcraft a probiotic drink called “Water Kefir” and deliver it straight to your door. Their product is a 100% organic drink that helps to balance the living bacteria in your gut.

What’s Water Kefir? Water Kefir is similar to Kombucha, but better.

Customers can subscribe to their weekly delivery service to receive fresh probiotic drinks and they can also choose to do one-time purchases.

Check them out at LifeWaterKefir.com

LIFE Probiotics product lineup