Businesses of all sizes often offer a Checkout Payment Option of Net Terms, whether it is Net 30, Net 45, or other type of payment option only for select and pre-approved customers.

If you are using the BigCommerce platform you may have noticed that there isn’t a built-in setting to restrict Payment Options to certain Customer Groups and this can be a hassle. Often times customers may try to take advantage of placing their order while not paying for it upfront, thinking that maybe the merchant will ship the product to them and they can differ or sometimes even avoid paying for the product when they have not been vetted or pre-approved for such terms by the merchant.

Trepoly has now developed a custom script that can be deployed specifically to the Checkout Page on your BigCommerce store and show/hide a Net Term payment option at Checkout. All this based on the Customer Group the customer belongs to.

This will allow you to show a preferential Net Term payment option ONLY to those customers you have pre-approved and assigned to your Net 30 Customer Group.

Now your customers can enjoy the preferential payment option, while also benefiting from the Customer Group discount set by you (if applicable). And those customers who do not belong to your “Net 30” Customer Group will not receive the option to use this method of payment during Checkout.

If you are looking for a solution like this and would like Trepoly to implement it in your BigCommerce store please CONTACT US and request a free quote to get this done for you. Turn-around time is as short as 48 hours for implementation.