Did you see?! Bigcommerce has been rebranded today.

Image of Bigcommerce Rebranded Logos

Today Bigcommerce has launched their rebranded image. With a new Logo, new Login page for merchants and a completely redesigned website.

Their new Logo looks simple. With a dark triangle background for the word “BIG” which makes it easy to read as two words “Big Commerce”.

The triangle background has an intentional “up and to the right” shape that represents an “ode to the growth chart used in board rooms and offices around the world to quantify progress“. An intelligent decision to align their vision with their customers’.

Image of the Updated Bigcommerce brand

BigCommerce has also started to re-write their name as “BigCommerce“. This is noticeable to some of us who knew they went from “BigCommerce” to “Bigcommerce” to “BigCommerce” again (notice the capitalization of the letter “C”).

You can learn more about their rebranding decision by visiting their rebranding announcement page.

What’s your opinion of the rebranding of BigCommerce? Leave your comments below.