5 Star Rating

The process

Our 4-step process is super simple to follow and we have proven we can launch new online stores in under 4 weeks. Our team will work expeditiously with you to meet your target launch date.

Clear Discovery

First, we learn about your business and your preferences. At this stage we may suggest tools that will help your store be more efficient and drive more sales. As well as advise on foreseeable pitfalls and help you to cut costs.

Perfect Design

Our Graphics Team will take the information collected during Discovery and will start a custom design for your online store. Mockups will be presented to you and revisions will take place until we get to the final design.

Professional Development

Our Programming team gets assigned the approved design and gets to work integrating it into the eCommerce platform. Revisions among our team ensures design responsiveness and performance across popular internet browsers and mobile devices.

Powerful Integrations

Finally, we connect all the necessary systems to get you launched. Your domain points to your store, Products go up, Payment and Shipping options get integrated, Security gets hardened, and SEO gets finalized to deliver the store to you. By now you are ready to advertise and take your first one hundred orders!

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