We all know that fewer clicks mean higher conversion rates.

So you need a Product Landing Page that can also be your Checkout Page? Most shopping cart platforms make your visitors go through preset steps such as:

  1. Landing Page (click to add to cart)
  2. Cart Page (click to checkout)
  3. Checkout Page (click to submit order)


But for those of you in the infomercial industry or one product companies, the Direct Checkout System works best. Why? Because your landing page IS your Checkout page!

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This means that your customer goes to your Product Page and he/she can read the product description, select the quantity, select the options (size, color, etc), enter his/her shipping and billing information and CLICK ONLY ONE BUTTON to submit his or her order. Now that’s fast AND beautiful!

If you are wondering which shopping cart allows you to do this then look no further. Go straight to NEXTERNAL and open a FREE TRIAL (no credit card required).

We have also found that editing and customizing your store is actually quite simple.

So boost your conversion rates, provide a Direct Checkout page using Nexternal’s Shopping Cart and then come back if you need sweet customization of your store.

Direct Checkout Example

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